TODAY is a BIG Day

TODAY is a BIG day

Actually I’ve had plenty of big days lately, which is why I’ve been super slack on my ‘turn to write’ on Le Blog. Sorry about that Mel.

Where should I begin? I think I should start with the reason I moved to Gander. The north to my south, the sun to my moon, the fuel to my engine, The Gander Golf Club.

Well, my friends, it turns out I’d better stick to my day job because I won’t be making the PGA tour anytime soon. Any golfer that was good as a teenager goes through a period in their adult years where this reality falls upon them. It’s a tough transition believe it or not. Drives down the middle, hitting greens in regulation, being able to keep score in your head because at the most you were going to be 7 or 8 over through 18 holes all goes down the drain. I am terrible. I mean I’m decent terrible, but still terrible.

In other news, Caddy Shack Summer is going splendidly. We’ve met some new friends, there’s been camping trips, fitness challenges and now the next venture, Open Mic at the Beech in the airport. I mean really, where else can you hang out in a town’s airport? That is not a rhetorical question, where? Tell me, please. When I was a teenager growing up in Gander my friends and I would play cards at the airport for hours. We loved it up there. Surely the remainder of people in the airport thought we were hooligans, but they were mistaken. We were actually the good kids trying to get away from the trouble. The Gander Airport was a great spot. We could play asshole till late in the night, smoke cigarettes under age, and have the odd game of hacky sack (yes kids, Hacky Sack, Google it). Nowadays it seems the airport is made up of desperate gamblers playing slots, angry kitchen workers loathing their next victim (oops, I mean customer) and the quiet reminder of the economy that was. CaddyShackSummer is trying to make it interesting again folks. We are really trying.

Open Mic will run for 6 weeks up at the airport. I know there is talent in this town. Far more talented than me for sure. Really hoping we can get some people out playing. We are in this for our own entertainment, and yours Gander, yours as well. TELL YOUR FRIENDS.

Next month I am doing my best Jack Ritter impression when I move in with two of my (girl)friends. I am dating someone (I know, I’m sorry, but she’s a gem) so its not like that, but we do have an epic 5 bedroom house to share our lives in. The girls are a lot like me. They enjoy dinner and wine parties, healthy eating, being outdoors, being active, socializing. Planning stuff. I think it will be a great fit. Worth mentioning in this blog for sure. I’m told it will be a house of music which I am very excited about. There’s a couple of noise cancellation headphones kicking around for those that need me time. Otherwise its just going to be a place for peace and joy. Exactly what CaddyShackSummer is all about.

Golf Handicap: 15

Fitness Challenge: 49-47 (I’m down by two).

Hope your Summers are rocking as much as mine.

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